Disclaimer – Update The Policies For Bookmaker And Bettors


Disclaimer policies JILIVIP are known as regulations related to the rights and obligations of bettors. At the same time, the playground is also constantly updated and changed to suit the most modern trends. Let’s take a look at an overview of this special policy in the system.

What is JILIVIP disclaimer?

JILIVIP is known as a quality and reputable online entertainment betting game portal in the market. The company provides many popular products to help you have the ultimate experience. At the same time, the management team has been creating policies and regulations to limit optimal risks for all members.

Right from the start of operations, the bookmaker has had regulations and rules that require you to comply. One of the clear terms is the disclaimer policy. In fact, this is the unit’s responsibility in some situations and problems that occur when participating.

Some cases include software errors, technical problems, uncontrollable situations, player errors, etc. This regulation concerns refusal in cheating violations. , fraudulent or wrong with basic principles.

Why does JILIVIP need a liability waiver for bettors?

Disclaimer of liability is a clear regulation in maintaining fairness and transparency in betting. Although the playground has basic legal and transactional responsibilities, policies are still used to resolve disputes and unexpected situations.


In fact, there are many cases where members do not comply with the regulations and terms set by JILIVIP. This policy can help bookmakers ensure their rights as well as limit legal risks. Along with that, this is also a way to operate smoothly, creating a transparent and fair experience space.

Relevant cases exclude JILIVIP from liability

During the process of participating in betting and experiencing at JILIVIP, there are many situations and cases where liability exemption applies. This is considered a method applied to resolve issues of transparency, fairness, and typically:

Disclaimer related to Vietnamese betting laws

During its operation, JILIVIP faced many legal issues because players participated in many different countries. The exemption policy stipulates that players must comply with the laws of the country they live in.

Besides, JILIVIP is not responsible in case members violate the law in using services at the game portal. If a dispute occurs, the unit will apply an exemption policy to resolve it quickly. Besides, the playground encourages you to clearly understand all legal regulations to limit unwanted risks.

Disclaimer regarding website browsing and network speed JILIVIP

Network speed as well as website accessibility are important factors in online experience. During the participation process, at some times, many gamers access at the same time, leading to system overload.

JILIVIP’s liability exemption applies in cases where you encounter problems related to network speed or connection. However, the playground system always tries to support in the most enthusiastic and professional way.


The exemption policy requires members to ensure the maintenance of stable transmission lines to limit risks. At the same time, you also need to be responsible for checking and improving your network connection to create a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

Age exemption

According to the terms and conditions of participation, members who register for an account must be 18 years of age or older. Exemptions apply when bettors do not provide accurate age information.

In case of fraud detection, the system will temporarily suspend service provision and recover existing funds. Not only that, JILIVIP is not responsible for any consequences or losses related to what players encounter.

Disclaimer with Immunity in violation

The policy applies when players violate the rules and terms set by the JILIVIP system. Violations include using tools or apps to interfere with results or cheating, etc.

In this case, the brand has the right to lock the account and withdraw betting capital without prior notice. In addition, all disputes and complaints related to events and transactions during the recovery period will not be resolved.

Waiver in confidentiality

JILIVIP is committed to protecting user information when registering an account in the system. However, the policy applies when members self-provide to third parties without the unit’s permission. This can happen when bettors share information and personal accounts at websites outside the playground system.

Accordingly, JILIVIP is not responsible for any risks or losses related to players providing information. That’s why you should not share it on any other platform to ensure the most absolute security and confidentiality.

Obligations in the JILIVIP disclaimer

Applying the exemption policy not only concerns the bookmaker, but every participating member also needs to ensure correct implementation. Accordingly, regulations in JILIVIP are specifically issued:


Exemption from JILIVIP

With unremitting efforts, JILIVIP playground has become an attractive brand for the betting community. The brand stipulates the exemption policy related to the unit as follows:

  • If players participating in products in the system lose their bets, JILIVIP is not responsible for a refund.
  • Members who lend money or do not maintain their accounts well, resulting in loss of money, the bookmaker applies an exemption policy, not refunding previously lost money.
  • Making transactions in cases where network errors result in money not being added to the policy account is also applicable.
  • In case not finding out the brand’s link address leads to property theft, the error information definitely belongs to the player. The bookmaker is not responsible for navigation links spread online.

Members make payment transactions but enter incorrect information, resulting in money being sent to the wrong account. The money will not be added back. The final exemption policy belongs to the bookmaker unit.

Player Responsibility

Not only is the bookmaker allowed to waive liability, but the disclaimer policy also applies to members of the system. Therefore, when players agree to participate, they need to clearly understand the regulations to protect their rights.


In case JILIVIP’s app or website has an error that cannot be resolved, leading to unexpected results, the exemption policy will be applied. At the same time, when making a withdrawal transaction due to a system error, you can report it to the customer service department for timely support.

If an account is logged in by another person leading to a violation or fraudulent use of the Tool, you are still exempt from liability. At the same time, taking advantage of user accounts for the purpose of damaging and defaming the player’s brand is also eliminated from the possibility of violation.


Disclaimer JILIVIP regulates each individual case to help players understand and execute correctly. Comply with the terms and regulations issued at the playground to ensure safety and transparency during the experience.

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