Terms and Conditions  JILIVIP – Articles Needing Comply


JILIVIP terms and conditions are known as the rules provided at the playground system. Creating these policies helps you have a safe and healthy betting experience environment. At the same time, it affirms its position and brand with the betting community.

What are JILIVIP terms and conditions?

JILIVIP is one of the legally operating game portals licensed by TOP 1 Organizations in the world. With its reputation in the field of playground betting, it has created a special mark in the market. Diverse and high-quality game store systems bring a super top experience.

Not only that, JILIVIP’s terms and conditions are stipulated mainly as the ability to interact with the dealer and customers. When completing registration, you express your agreement and acceptance of the relevant factors by clicking Agree.

This ensures that the player has learned and accepted all regulations related to betting and use of the service. At the same time, the policy also plays a role in protecting the reputation of the unit and building customer trust. The task of the bettor is to create the most complete and transparent playing field.

Purpose of JILIVIP terms and conditions

JILIVIP establishes terms and conditions to control and manage all business activities smoothly and effectively. These regulations provide solutions to problems that arise during the participation process. From there, you can easily protect your optimal personal interests.


Right from the moment of registration, the member confirms agreeing to the terms and complies with the commitments. That’s why you need to learn and grasp to have the safest and highest quality experience

Detailed content related to JILIVIP terms and conditions

In each aspect of game portal operations, JILIVIP always creates regulations on related terms, conditions. This is how to build an absolutely safe betting environment, typically:

Intellectual property rights

At JILIVIP, intellectual property rights are always a valued factor to affirm reputation. When becoming an official member, you need to pay attention to a few important points below:

  • All data related to the bookmaker from sounds, images, data, videos,… are officially owned and copyrighted by the bookmaker.
  • All organizations and individuals do not have the right to use or interfere with information and data for commercial purposes.
  • Any actions related to editing, copying, renting, or providing to third parties are strictly prohibited without permission from the system.

Terms and conditions related to using services at JILIVIP

Terms, conditions of use also require members to learn and grasp when participating in the JILIVIP system. Surely when agreeing to participate, you need to comply with the following related issues:

  • All activities at the playground must be performed on behalf of the player, and are not allowed to use other people’s information.
  • Players need to comply with the legal regulations of their country of residence.
  • Participate in smart betting, ensure the right age, and be able to control civil behavior. Limit and avoid addiction, do not specify a stopping point.
  • Members are well aware of the risks when participating in betting.
  • Absolutely do not use improper behavior or carry out money laundering purposes when using the service.

Do not share or provide information to others.

According to terms and conditions, you absolutely do not use software or tools that affect the operation of the playground.


Players are responsible for the personal information they provide to the bookmaker. Activities related to betting and transactions must also be the responsibility of the member.

Do not use data for the purpose of defamation, taking advantage or violating the law when posting at the bookmaker.

Conditions for participating in betting at JILIVIP

The betting policy clearly stipulates the terms related to the betting process. Accordingly, all activities must comply with the rules confirmed by the system.

Any acts of fraud or violation of terms for personal purposes, if detected, will result in bets being canceled. JILIVIP game portal unit has the right to lock accounts and recover betting capital if violations are detected.

In addition, data, betting numbers, and regulations at the playground system may change from time to time without prior notice. Members need to monitor and update continuously to understand and ensure their own benefits. Betting rules are determined to be valid when the transaction code appears on the main interface of the bookmaker.

Terms and conditions are related to transaction

Trading regulations are also a part of special interest from the betting community. When registering information, the bank accounts need to match and be determined by the bookmaker.

At the same time, you need to make sure to pay fees and taxes applied by JILIVIP. In case of error from the bank account, the system will not be responsible for the transaction. At the same time, transactions detected as debit or dishonest will certainly be rejected by the unit.

Rule of receiving promotions

In the JILIVIP promotion policy, detailed terms and conditions are also set out to avoid unwanted problems. Each member participating in the system can only use one account to receive incentives.

Promotions are aimed at everyone, regardless of whether they are new or experienced. The prescribed trading conditions do not include betting on games that are not directly on the betting table.

Not stopping there, information and terms about promotional events can be changed or canceled without notice. That’s why you need to check and follow the homepage so you don’t miss any relevant information.

The bonus is provided for a certain period of time, if it expires it will be revoked. Accordingly, the unit strictly prohibits all acts of fraud and abuse to participate in incentives. If discovered, the playground has the right to withdraw capital and block accounts without notice.

Terms and conditions in handling violations at JILIVIP

Handling violations according to JILIVIP regulations is definitely something that applies to all members without exception. You need to be responsible for your own behavior if you intentionally violate or cheat in the regulations provided.


Bookmaker JILIVIP has the right to delete or close accounts permanently if violations of notified regulations are detected. Depending on each specific case, the player must be responsible for the relevant penalty. At the same time, earned bonuses are also canceled according to regulations.

In addition, if you violate, you will also be responsible for compensating for costs affecting the honor and reputation of the bookmaker. The unit does not encourage activities or problems arising from factors related to members. The final decision always belongs to JILIVIP.


If you understand and understand JILIVIP terms and conditions correctly, you can ensure all of your rights. Apply and comply with each aspect to create a safe and transparent betting environment.

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