Fishing JILIVIP – Conquer The Sea, Hunt For Great Rewards

Fishing JILIVIP attracts many members to participate with its prestige and irresistible appeal. Experts and users all left good reviews about this game lobby. Right now, we invite you to follow the article below to gain more necessary knowledge before participating in the experience.

Overview of Fishing JILIVIP hall

Fish shooting is one of the types of rewards that many gamers participate in and experience. The game represents the pinnacle that makes those with a passion for conquering the ocean extremely satisfied.


Among the prize-winning fish shooting playgrounds, JILIVIP is always the top priority choice for bettors. Everyone wants to try this genre for relaxing entertainment and hunting for big rewards.

Similar to other categories, the fish shooting game JILIVIP is designed like a real-life ocean world. The playground simulates diverse and abundant sea creatures with 3D graphics. Along with that, a lively sound system creates a wonderful entertainment space.

Notably, the bookmaker is also fully equipped with modern features to support members’ participation. Coming to this type, you also have the opportunity to receive thousands of attractive gifts from the system when registering an account and refunding bets. This is the factor that helps this game lobby become popular with many players.

The exclusive outstanding features of Fishing JILIVIP

JILIVIP gaming hall has developed as it has today thanks to its many outstanding advantages, such as:

Have full legal license

When participating in the Fishing JILIVIP lobby, you can be completely assured because the bookmaker has been fully legally licensed by the world’s leading organizations. All of your activities are strictly managed to comply with the law. In particular, there will never be any risks of fraud or fraud.

This is a factor in evaluating reputation, safety and transparency at JILIVIP. When participating in the fish shooting game experience, your rights will be absolutely committed and guaranteed.

Realistic and modern 3D graphics

The visual interface and sound effects of the Fishing JILIVIP hall create a strong impression on users. The playground has a professional and elite design team, so all details are meticulously and meticulously completed.

The main blue color is used as the background of the playground to create an endless ocean space. Each fish and boss is designed realistically and vividly. Notably, the buttons feature a scientific logical arrangement to help members easily operate.

Countless value promotions

In addition to the gifts that you will receive directly after successfully hunting fish, JILIVIP also gives players other attractive incentives. Depending on the time, there will be separate promotional events:


Accumulate diligence points: When you access the Fishing JILIVIP lobby every day, you will receive small rewards and certain attendance points. The number of points increases if you log in regularly. In particular, it can also be used to redeem rewards when playing games.

Bonus commission when introducing new members: For the purpose of attracting participants, as long as you successfully refer friends to register, you will receive a small bonus from JILIVIP.

In addition, there are countless other incentive events such as racing to the top, completing missions,… extremely attractive waiting for you ahead.

Many new and creative features

The features in the Fishing JILIVIP game play an extremely important role in creating the appeal of the playground. JILIVIP has spent a large amount of money investing to bring new features. Thanks to that, it has met the needs of fishermen to experience the game.

Trial mode

For new recruits participating for the first time, before deciding to join this subject, JILIVIP has provided a trial feature for you to experience and get acquainted with the game. Here, people can learn about the types of creatures in the game as well as how to use weapons to take down prey.

Notably, this feature is completely free. It provides a great opportunity for you to enjoy your experience before deciding to invest real money to participate in the game.

List of famous games at the Fishing JILIVIP hall

As mentioned above, the game store of the Fishing JILIVIP lobby is extremely diverse and rich for players to freely experience. These include the most outstanding games that you cannot miss. All will be detailed in the following section:


Jackpot Fishing

This is a new generation fish shooting game because both the interface and the reward rate in the game are also upgraded in quality. What makes people love this game is building a beautiful and diverse ocean of fish. At the same time, special functions have also been improved to make it easier for players to hunt their prey.

When playing Jackpot Fishing, you can choose game halls according to each level, suitable to your needs and abilities. Typical examples are Hoan Lac, Phu Hao and Phu Hao Vip. Each type will have its own maximum and minimum bet depending on the member’s budget.

Tropical island game

Next, when you come to the Fishing JILIVIP game hall, you will not be able to resist the appeal of the game Tropical Island. In this game there are a variety of sea creatures such as goldfish, flying fish, plaice… Each type will be regulated with a separate reward level.

In particular, when destroying them, members can also receive countless valuable gifts. To be able to experience the game in the best way, prepare a reasonable amount of capital and excellent fish hunting skills.

Shark Bay – Hot game at Fishing JILIVIP lobby

Shark Bay players will have to use diamonds to own items to equip their fish shooting process. The game is relatively difficult, so it is considered a suitable genre for experienced players.

As the name of the game suggests, fish hunters must destroy unique sea creatures to receive huge rewards. Surely when participating in this type, you will have a memorable experience here.

Game Dinosaur Tycoon

Dinosaur Tycoon is the choice of many bettors. Although it belongs to the Fishing JILIVIP game hall, this game is inspired by the unique and interesting world of dinosaurs. Members will get lost in the endless forest with ancient dinosaurs.

The member’s mission is to destroy the prey to receive a big reward. Everyone can receive a reward 1,500 times their bet if they defeat the T-Rex.

Space fish hunting game

Continuing on the list of famous entertainment types at Fishing JILIVIP hall is the space fish hunting game. That member’s mission is to destroy warships to protect peace on their planet.

Choose from 3 types of artillery and more than 6 different levels to destroy the enemy most effectively. In addition, the Extra Bet feature helps you increase the value of bullets by 50%. Thanks to that, everyone’s chances of winning will be higher.

Game Fierce Fishing

Fierce Fishing is also a super product at the Fishing JILIVIP game hall that is worth experiencing in 2024. Everyone will be able to travel to a colorful aquarium with more than 20 diverse types of sea monsters. Surely you will want to conquer them immediately.

Members are also provided with many new weapons and features to build their own strategies to help you win. The reward rate will gradually increase when there are many people shooting at the same time, which is also an attractive point when playing here.

The great saint of catching fish

Great saint catching fish is a fish shooting game with basic gameplay like other fish shooting games. However, the special feature of this game is the setting of the movie Journey to the West and the familiar characters in the movie, especially Sun Wukong.

In this game, players can choose 1 of 3 different betting halls with 10 levels of dragon head cannons. Based on their finances and skills, players choose to receive the biggest rewards. In addition, new features such as electric bombs, free bullets, treasure chests… will support you.

Game Star Hunter

Coming to the Fishing JILIVIP game hall, you definitely cannot miss the Star Hunter game chosen by many players. This game does not hunt ocean monsters like classic fish shooting games but will destroy warships in vast space. The more warships you shoot down, the more money you get.

This game provides 3 main types of guns and 20 different levels for players to choose from easily. Not to mention, players have the opportunity to win 50 – 300 times the bet when the Machine Dragon King appears after a certain period of time.

Popular areas in the Fishing JILIVIP hall

One of the differences in this catalog compared to other subjects is that there are many areas for people to participate in fighting. Each area is designed with many different sea creatures, corresponding to each member’s challenge level. Currently, this playground is divided into the following 3 areas:


Pond area

Ponds are small spaces where there are not many large creatures, so they will be designed specifically for those new to this sport. With a compactly designed battle area, players can easily get used to the terrain, as well as understand the game rules in the most general way and adapt to the features.

In the pond area, creatures can easily be destroyed with just a few shots. Therefore, the battle rate is extremely large. This not only helps players get acquainted with the context but also helps them feel excited and not discouraged when they win in the first matches.

Ocean area

After you have somewhat understood this game and are familiar with the pond and lake terrain, you can move on to the ocean area. According to the system’s summary, this is where the largest number of shooters gather at the Fishing JILIVIP playground.

Coming here, players will be able to challenge themselves with more difficult sea creatures and many giant monsters. However, to be able to empower you to participate in battle, we also equip many new items with great attack power to help you easily defeat monsters.

Not only that, the number of fish is also very large, so it comes with many great rewards waiting for you. Many people mistakenly think that the difficulty level is only a little higher than that of a pond, but in fact, it is not at all. This is always considered the area with the highest difficulty and very few players can conquer these games.

Over/under area

Besides the two areas with increasing difficulty as above, there is another place you cannot miss when coming to fish shooting at JILIVIP: the over/under room. This is a form of integration between the two disciplines of fish shooting and dice so that players can experience the most authentic betting entertainment game.

You can choose any odds you like to start the hunting process. This area is also the address with the highest payout rate among the games in our system. Therefore, it always attracts a large number of gunmen to try their hand at strange monsters.

Top Fishing JILIVIP promotions you cannot miss

JILIVIP is famous in the market not only because of its unique game store and attractive games, but also retains members through thousands of interesting promotional events. Here, you can easily participate in receiving gift codes and bring winnings to your account.


Fishing JILIVIP rewards game cards up to 100 million

This is an attractive incentive program that many bettors participate in. Accordingly, everyone will receive free game cards based on the rankings in this fish shooting hall. The higher the rank, the greater the card value:

  • Rank 1 will receive 10 cards.
  • Ranks 2 – 5, the bettor receives 7 cards.
  • Ranks 6 – 10 get 5 cards.
  • Ranks 11 – 50 correspond to 3 cards.
  • Ranks 51 – 100 receive 2 cards.

Incentives for new recruits

Immediately after you successfully register for a Fishing JILIVIP account and become an official member of the bookmaker. At this time, you will be welcomed by the playground with a series of attractive gift codes.

The bonus money helps everyone have the opportunity to get acquainted and easily choose the game theme that suits them. Besides, it also helps you increase your chances of winning.

Promotional events take place every day

When logging into the Fishing JILIVIP every day, members will receive many practical gifts. Typically, adding more turns, giving away coins or giving away gold. Thanks to that, you can comfortably participate in fish shooting without worrying about running out of budget.

Customer appreciation promotions

JILIVIP always brings users the best experiences. Join the fish shooting hall here, you will receive great incentives, gift codes, extra bonuses when depositing money into your account,…

In particular, you also have many opportunities to participate in the bet refund policy with a value of up to millions of Pesos. In addition, if you join the monthly top honor race, you will receive great gifts such as cars, motorbikes,…

Instructions on how to play Fishing JILIVIP to win prizes

If you want to participate in the fish shooting experience, follow these steps:


Step 1: Choose a reputable online game portal

Fishing JILIVIP is available at many different reputable bookmakers, the most prestigious of which is JILIVIP. Visit the bookmaker’s website and register to create an account. At the deposit section of this game portal, you proceed to deposit money through the forms provided to play the game.

Step 2: Select and access the fish shooting game portal

After completing the above steps, click on fish shooting. Select “Fishing JILIVIP” and continue clicking. Immediately after that, a number of fish shooting game products will be displayed for you to choose from. Each type of game will provide many different play rooms for you to choose from. Please choose the appropriate playroom depending on your finances.

Step 3: Choose your financial bet level

Adjusting the betting level in fish shooting accordingly will help you protect your finances. Depending on each betting hall, there will be different bet levels for players to choose from.

Step 4: Select firing mode

Depending on the time and target, choose an appropriate and effective shooting mode. This helps you save costs, avoid wasting bullets and losing capital when playing.

In addition to choosing the appropriate shooting mode and weapon, you also need to choose the appropriate shooting intensity. After that, you can start your fish hunting journey with beautiful bonus explosions.

Some strategies for playing Fishing JILIVIP

However, you can learn from experts who have experience playing fish shooting online. We will help you learn from the experiences of previous experts.


Strategy for playing mustache

For new players, they often shoot randomly without a strategy. This leads to wasting bullets while the fish are still swimming freely. Because only 1-2 bullets are needed for fish of average size or larger, it is not significant.

Shoot the fish as soon as the fish appears

If you pay attention, you will see that in online fish shooting games, the first fish often appear in the corner of the shooting table. What you need to do is observe and predict their appearance patterns, and shoot as soon as they appear. This helps you save time and easily aim when they first appear.

Shooting increases the number of bullets

An effective strategy in playing fish shooting online is that you should accumulate your experience. For fish that have been hit by bullets before, increase the number of bullets. You will see that there are fish that you did not point correctly before but still got hit by the bullet.

With these fish, you just need to aim and shoot a few more bullets to defeat them. At this point, you can accept the risk of losing many points due to losing bullets. However, the score will increase significantly if you succeed in taking down the fish.

Shoot fish singly or in groups

One experience from experts when playing the fish shooting game JILIVIP is to focus on shooting individual fish or in groups. Single swimming fish only need you to aim accurately to be able to defeat them quickly.

With fish swimming in schools, you can shoot continuously and adjust the gun according to the swimming direction of the fish. Please note that this should only be applied when the gun has a lot of bullets left. Because if there are few bullets, it will be difficult for you to completely defeat them. Also, if you have enough bullets left, you can hunt big fish.

Some questions when playing at Fishing JILIVIP game lobby

Surely while playing the game you will encounter some questions about the game. Below are answers to questions people often have that you can refer to.


Is playing fish shooting at JILIVIP reputable?

The fish shooting game hall at JILIVIP is considered the leading game hall on the market today. The coverage of domestic and foreign bookmakers has clearly proven the reputation of this game hall. In addition, the reward exchange at JILIVIP is also very transparent so you can rest assured.

How to deposit money in the Fishing JILIVIP game lobby?

Currently, there are many deposit methods integrated by the bookmaker to give players a more convenient experience. Accordingly, you can top up via e-wallets such as Grabpay, Maya… or via Gcash… easily.

Which game at the fish shooting game hall has the biggest prizes?

In fact, each game will have different reward levels depending on the game rules, characters as well as weapons and ammunition. The amount of bonus you receive is affected by many factors, so it is difficult to determine accurately. So experience it yourself to find out what is the optimal choice for you.

Is it fast to withdraw money at the JILIVIP lobby?

The answer is yes. Fishing JILIVIP game lobby is also famous thanks to its ability to handle deposit and withdrawal times extremely quickly. It only takes 3-5 minutes for you to successfully withdraw the bonus to your account.

Can playing fish shooting games exchange real money?

Fishing JILIVIP lobby is an online entertainment playground, you will receive accumulated bonuses. Gamers can convert these points into real money if they meet certain conditions regarding the number of rounds and accompanying information.

Are the results in the game transparent?

This bookmaker always maintains transparency in each game. Results are determined based on a high-quality randomization system, ensuring fairness and transparency for all players.



The ocean world in the Fishing JILIVIP hall is extremely diverse and rich. You will experience thousands of mysterious and new sea creatures. Quickly register an account at the bookmaker today to not miss out on attractive gifts in the colorful ocean world!