Privacy – Important Policy When Participating Betting JILIVIP


Privacy is an important topic that many bettors want to learn about every time they entertain. This policy will help protect your rights every time you bet. Let’s learn more details through the information in the article below to understand this issue right away!

Some basic information about privacy at JILIVIP

Privacy includes important regulations related to keeping user information safe at all times. This shows the brand’s respect for its members. Besides, bettors also always feel secure every time they entertain this web.

Not only that, establishing this policy also helps create a fair and safe environment for bettors. The brand is promoted and becomes more known in the market. Therefore, when playing entertainment, you need to firmly grasp information about this right to have a great experience.

The content is regulated in privacy

Since first entering the market, JILI VIP has fully established the terms and conditions for these benefits, specifically including items such as:


Collect betting data

According to the policy, all personal information of members after being collected will be kept secure. We will store this data through interactions from players. Below are the cases in which JILIVIP will collect member data such as:

Register an account: Full name, phone number, gmail, account number,… These are all parts that you need to provide accurately with no deviations allowed.

Deposit and withdrawal transactions: You will need information about your e-wallet, bank account, history of each transaction,…

When making comments and comments right on the bookmaker’s website.

Personal information when participating in incentive programs.

IP address of the place where you live when logging into the system.

Privacy in using member data

All personal information of players is collected by the brand for the main purpose of:

  • Support users in registering accounts at the playground for entertainment and betting. After checking the authenticity of the data provided by the user. If guaranteed to be valid, you have absolutely the right to participate in the betting experience here.
  • Authenticate data when making transactions to ensure the user is the owner requesting the transfer. The system will compare the banking information data with the information you used to register previously.
  • Used to verify the user’s identity when detecting illegal intrusion during the betting process. Especially in case a hacker infiltrates your account to try to steal data. You will then receive a notification directly to your phone number or gmail address. This way, you will easily detect it in time to take remedial measures in the shortest possible time.
  • According to the brand’s privacy policy, there will be a few incentive programs that require users to prove their identity to be eligible to receive rewards. Therefore, the system will use this information to compare and contrast to help you not lose your benefits. This is considered something that all brothers always feel satisfied with.

Privacy regarding data storage time

Privacy policy, member information after providing to the system will be stored as follows:


All important data such as: full name, phone number, login name, email, password, etc. will be automatically and safely stored by the brand in the database system so you do not need to worry. worry. Only when the owner requests deletion does the dealer have the right to do this.

  • All data related to the transaction will be stored indefinitely by JILIVIP until the player himself wants to change it. You also have the right to request deletion of this information.
  • According to the content, you only need to add information about your bank account the first time and then automatically save it without having to repeat this operation in the next transaction.
  • Depending on the browser available on your device, your login name and password will be saved for a different time each time you operate. This milestone can be 1 day, 1 week or 1 month or more. Therefore, to ensure maximum safety, you can clear this browser’s cache so that they are automatically deleted.

Members’ privacy obligations

According to the content of the policy, each member is obliged to fully implement the following issues:

Benefits that members enjoy from the policy

After becoming an official member of this JILIVIP bookmaker, each member has the right to have your personal information kept confidential by the bookmaker for life when experiencing the services here. All data according to the policy is kept absolutely secure with no problem of being disclosed to any other third party so you don’t need to worry too much.

In addition, the bookmaker will be responsible for all complaints from the bettors when there is a leak if it is JILIVIP’s fault. This issue will be handled according to the regulations that the brand has established from the beginning to ensure the reputation of bettors.

Responsibilities that members need to perform towards JILIVIP

According to privacy, when you participate in the service of this unit you will need to fully comply with the following issues:


Information to log in, make transactions, and receive rewards must be accurate and not misleading in any case. At the same time, you also need to be responsible for keeping secrets from other members. When problems arise due to this reason, we will not bear any related responsibility.

Illegal intrusion or any intention to steal personal data of other players in the system is not allowed. This is considered a behavior that does not comply with playground standards. When discovered, your account will immediately be locked and banned from playing and betting at this unit.

When logging into the system, it is best to avoid accessing unfamiliar devices. This is the reason why it is so easy for you to have your personal data stolen. However, if you accidentally use a strange device, please quickly log out after using it to avoid theft and risk.

With the above privacy notes, all players need to pay attention and take them seriously. This will contribute to building a healthy and reputable betting community.


The information about privacy’s JLIVIP above has been presented quite detailed and complete. Hopefully readers will understand the important contents of this policy. If you want to experience the bookmaker, register an account now to enjoy!

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