Sabong Online – How To Conquering The Popular Game Series

Sabong Online - How To Conquering The Popular Game Series

Sabong online is a popular product that has emerged as a phenomenon in the market in recent years. This game attracts bettors because of its dramatic and breathtaking matches. If you want to know about this type of entertainment, please join us to learn more about it in the following article.

Introducing a few features of Sabong online

If you are interested in the entertainment market, you will probably know about the online cockfighting game series. This game took the market by storm during the COVID-19 epidemic and has remained hot until now.

This product always makes bettors restless because of its attractiveness. Fighting cocks are carefully selected through many rounds so the matches are always dramatic and worth looking forward to.

Not only can you enjoy the competitions, you can also easily participate in betting. Here, many people have earned extra income with their passion.

Why does Sabong online always have an irresistible attraction?

Among many flashy entertainment products, people still choose online cockfighting games. This proves the magical attraction of this long-standing service.

Why does Sabong online always have an irresistible attraction?
Why does Sabong online always have an irresistible attraction?

A place where top fighters and classy matches gather

When it comes to online cockfighting, people will immediately think of top-fighting cocks. They belong to many different breeds such as pedigree chickens, bantam chickens, American chickens, and Filipino chickens… but they have one thing in common: they are well cared for and well-trained.

That’s why the competitions here are always attractive and dramatic. The cocks will be classified and compete through many rounds before reaching the final matches. Each confrontation is a unique and eye-catching competition.

Sabong online has high odds and many valuable promotions

Many people come to this game series thanks to the very high win rate in the game. You can play betting interestingly and easily earn extra income with your passion.

Furthermore, this game series gives you a variety of valuable rewards. You will receive more money, deposit incentives, and many attractive lucky money if you win continuously in the game.

Easily watch high-quality live Sabong online

Famous arenas are now able to live every match they organize. Modern equipment plus a stable transmission line help make images sharper and sound more vivid.

Just sitting at home, you can watch top competitions from everywhere. If it is a key match, live commentary will make the game more dramatic.

Many addresses organize fair play and reputable rewards

Realizing that the demand for betting and enjoying Sabong online is increasing, many bookmakers have linked up with cockfights to organize online play.

If you find a reputable playground, you will be able to play games in a safe space and receive prestigious rewards. This will bring unforgettable moments of entertainment to you every day.

Explaining the rules of Sabong online in detail from A – Z

Many new players don’t know how to start because they don’t understand the rules of the game. To get started, you should learn some basic knowledge below.

Explaining the rules of Sabong online in detail from A - Z
Explaining the rules of Sabong online in detail from A – Z

Regulations on the field before the match

A cockfighting floor has its design. However, according to regulations, a competition field must have 2 squares with 2 colors: blue and red respectively. This is where you will see fighting cocks appear.

In the middle of these boxes, there will be a straight line separating the two sides. The cocks are placed right in these boxes and are held tightly by the handler until the referee blows the whistle before releasing them.

Playing time for one round of Sabong online

Each cockfight usually lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, if both sides still cannot decide the winner, there will be another 5 minutes to rest.

After that, the match will begin for several more rounds to find a winner. A match has no limit on the number of rounds, so both sides can freely measure their strength until a winner is found.

Currently, in large arenas like Thomo, the selected fighting cocks always have excellent health and skills. Therefore, each match is usually decided in just 1 – 2 rounds. There are special matches that only have a duration of only 5 short minutes.

Rules of Sabong online competition for your reference

Each arena may have a different rule when competing. However, below are some general rules that you should know to easily start the game.

  • Fighting cocks when participating in competitions are always checked for health, weight, spurs, number of rounds… The organizers strictly check all to determine the fighting pairs.
  • No one can touch the fighting cocks that are about to compete except the rooster’s handler.
  • During the match, if either cock is knocked down, does not fight, or runs away, it will be considered a loss.
  • If the cock gets stuck in its spurs, the referee will signal the handler to catch them as quickly as possible.
  • Please note that only people who are 18 years old can participate in online cockfighting betting. When competing online, you only need to care about 1 of 3 results: the house bet wins, the player wins or both sides draw.

The secret to always winning cockfighting bets for newbies

Once you start betting, everyone wants to win. In Sabong online, you must pay attention to the following issues to get the most satisfactory results.

Understand the betting odds used in the match

Unlike other sports, cockfighting does not have too many betting odds. Even though there are many side bets, new players only need to remember the following 3 main bets to get started smoothly:

  • Meron: Betting on the home team’s cock will win this bet.
  • Wala: You choose the away team’s cock to be the final winner.
  • BDD: Players think that both sides will end the match in a draw.

Observe the health and review the cock’s fighting achievements

When betting, you should check the health of fighting cocks before placing bets. This helps you know if they are in the best condition and ready to compete.

Observe the health and review the cock's fighting achievements
Observe the health and review the cock’s fighting achievements

Sabong online bookmakers always save information and achievements of the fighting cocks before starting. Bettors should look at the performance of the chicken you choose before placing money. Experienced people often prioritize fighters who compete stably and have a high win rate.

Allocate funds appropriately to increase your chances of winning

No matter how much money you have, you should not bet big when you first start playing. Instead, break it down and upgrade your bets from small to large. This will give you more chances to win and less risk than other forms.


Above is detailed information about Sabong online, an entertainment product that has been causing fever in the market for a long time. Here, you can freely relax with unique dramatic matches. Hopefully, the above tips from JILIVIP will help you easily enter the game and quickly get bonuses.

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