Mega Fishing – Famous Entertainment Game With Value Rewards

Mega Fishing - Famous Entertainment Game With Value Rewards

Mega Fishing is the entertainment blockbuster of 2024. Since its launch, the product has immediately caused a stir in the market because of its creativity in gameplay and rewards. To better understand this service before starting, please join JILIVIP to learn in the article below.

A brief introduction to the popular Mega Fishing game series

For many years now, the fish shooting game series has lacked a breakthrough. New products are no longer exciting to players because they have similar features.

However, when this game appeared, everything completely changed. Here, you can experience many different amenities. The rewards are also much more valuable, so they attract many bettors to participate.

Note for starting to play Mega Fishing at JILIVIP

This product is quite new and has some different features from the current market. If you want to get started easily, you should learn some of the knowledge below.

Note for starting to play Mega Fishing at JILIVIP
Note for starting to play Mega Fishing at JILIVIP

Accurate Mega fish shooting rules for beginners

The gameplay here is quite simple, you just need to hit the fish and defeat them to get points. The more you shoot, the bigger the harvest, and the bigger the fish, the higher the reward. With such easy-to-understand gameplay, anyone can start right away without any difficulty.

The most special sea creatures at Mega Fishing

In this game, you will see many types of fish appear such as bluefish, clownfish, jellyfish, turtles, octopuses, lobsters… with different rewards. However, there are even more special creatures that can bring you more chances to win.

  • Mega Octopus: If you shoot this creature, the special spins feature will be activated and you will receive extremely attractive rewards.
  • Immortal Sea King: This boss never dies, but if you hit it, you will receive a special gift. When you encounter them, open automatic shooting to receive great rewards in Mega Fishing.
  • Giant reward fish: If you discover a giant clown fish, giant angel fish, or ovenless puffer fish, quickly destroy them to receive many mysterious high-value rewards.

The most classy game halls in the Mega Fish shooting system

You have many game lobby options when starting the game. Below is some information to help you easily find the most suitable playground.

  • Novice lobby: This is a place reserved for beginners with bets ranging from 0.1 to 10. Here, you can gain experience before going to places with more difficult gameplay.
  • Joy Lobby: The bet level here ranges from 0.1 to 50 so the difficulty is a bit higher. If you have some skills and are confident in yourself, play at Mega Fishing.
  • Hall of Honor: This playground has very high bets from 1 to 100 and is a place for you to earn extra bonuses. Here, the difficulty is relatively high, so you must be careful when playing.

The most common game modes in Mega Fish shooting

When playing this game, you must choose one of the game modes below.

  • Automatic Fire: A mode that can fire continuously at a pre-specified target. If you encounter a big boss, you can use this feature to earn more bonuses.
  • Target lock shot: If you encounter creatures with a high defense level and need accuracy when shooting, you can choose to shoot target lock. However, this feature has the disadvantage of automatically canceling if the creature leaves the game interface.

Advantages of the Mega Fishing game series

Many betting players today love to experience this new product. This helps you have memorable entertainment moments every day.

Advantages of the Mega Fishing game series
Advantages of the Mega Fishing game series

Excellent graphics with many creative sea creatures

The common advantage of the fish shooting game series is the extremely epic graphics. Here, you will enter a fascinating ocean world with a variety of marine creatures. Many types of fish have very high conversion rates, so they can bring you huge rewards

Many features and attractive game rooms for you to explore

It is a game with many game rooms, shooting modes, and new features. This brings new entertainment experiences to bettors. These tools will be updated over time, so there are always mysteries for you to discover every day.

Mega Fishing has a high reward rate and many high-value incentives

One of the big advantages that attracts many bettors is the high reward rate. Here, you not only get paid quickly but also receive many valuable incentives. If you use it well, you will have a lot more money to bet without having to invest too much.

Instructions on how to start playing Mega Fishing at JILIVIP brand

Any fish shooting enthusiast wants to experience this product once. To easily get into the rhythm of the game, you can refer to the instructions in the following article:

  • Step 1: First, find the correct link to the main bookmaker then select “Register” to get started.
  • Step 2: Members provide all necessary information, confirm their age, and create their account.
  • Step 3: You log in to the system and then deposit money according to the instructions to start betting.
  • Step 4: Players access Mega Fishing select a suitable betting hall and then select the game mode before starting.
  • Step 5: Beginners remember to adjust the gun’s shooting intensity to match the number of targets on the table then select “Start” to have fun right away.

Experience playing Mega fish and shooting effectively

Although this game is very easy to play, not everyone can win. If you want to conquer this game series, you should pay attention to the following issues.

Shoot right at the weak point when new fish appear on the table

You should focus absolutely and shoot right at the fish’s head when they first appear. At this time, the fish do not move much so it is easy to shoot for beginners.

Choose a Mega Fishing betting room that suits you

Not everyone can play in the Hall of Fame right after starting. You should only choose a suitable playground to maximize your abilities and not lose too much money.

Continuously load more bullets into this game

Please regularly check your remaining ammunition reserves. If you lack it, you must refill it immediately to avoid missing out on great opportunities.

Shooting fish in groups will have more chances of winning big

If you shoot fish in groups, you will get more bonuses. When concentrated, they are easier to defeat and help bettors win big. However, you must be careful to choose bullets with high capacity so as not to miss any creature.

Shooting fish in groups will have more chances of winning big
Shooting fish in groups will have more chances of winning big

Turn off unnecessary features in the game

In this game, many tools are enabled automatically but are of no use. If you find them too cumbersome, consider turning them off to avoid consuming ammo, affecting your overall performance.


Above is all you need to know about Mega Fishing before starting. This is an attractive entertainment product that brings many new experiences

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